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Continental Vanco 8 - high load capacity and maximum reliability

The Continental Vanco 8 has been specially developed for vehicles with a high center of gravity, and for use with large loads. Thus, these scores Summer tyres with a high load capacity and is safe and reliable even in adverse weather conditions on the road.

High steering precision and excellent driving stability

Even on a wet road can be the Continental Vanco 8 steer safely and accurately. Thus, one can enjoy a superb control and a comprehensive driving stability, which significantly increases the driving pleasure again. In addition, this impressed Continental summer tyres with its optimized arrangement of all the fins, thus improving the braking performance during heavy rainfall once again. The new and very stiff shoulder design also contributes to an excellent grip and a comprehensive security. At the same time reduce the wide circumferential grooves and the Continental Vanco 8 any risk of aquaplaning considerably, thus enabling the driver to drive around safe driving even with precipitation. Thanks to the rigid central area and the optimized flat belt contour are also a uniform wear and thus given a longer life.

Continental - premium tyre with optimum performance

The German tyre manufacturer Continental has long known about the borders of Europe for its powerful and high-quality premium tyres. The company, based in Hannover puts a special emphasis on high product quality and excellent performance, which remain high even under adverse weather and road conditions. No wonder the Continental tyres also know in tests of renowned journals repeatedly to convince and are always found on the top ranks.

With the Continental Vanco 8 one purchases a high quality and reliable companion that enables its driver to whatever comes. In addition to high driving stability and an efficient water drainage, this tyre from Continental is characterized by an optimal braking performance, which increases the driving fun again considerably.

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