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Continental ContiEcoContact CP - an excellent summer tyres

Not only environmentally conscious drivers will be delighted by the Continental ContiEcoContact CP highly. Because with its countless good handling supplies this summer tyres at all times a good performance, the extremely satisfied also provides sports-minded drivers.

High fuel efficiency and optimal performance

The Continental ContiEcoContact CP is characterized not only by a high level of comfort, but also through a comprehensive security holding itself unchanged in high speed ranges. Together with renowned partners has now a Continental summer tyres designed which can come up with a significant increase in performance. This is among others the innovative technology NCCS (New Conti Construction System) thanks to the tyre structure and tread optimized. Thus, the Continental ContiEcoContact CP is characterized firstly by an excellent suspension performance and reduced road noise by a considerably from - a high level of comfort is thus guaranteed in every case. Moreover, benefit the motorists of significantly shorter braking distances and high fuel economy, which makes the Continental ContiEcoContact CP to an environmentally friendly and particularly safe companion even in poor weather and road conditions.

Continental - tyre specialist from Hannover

The manufacturer Continental in Lower Saxony Hannover has long since become one of the most important global player in the international tyre market. Customers around the world appreciate the high quality and performance of Continental tyres appreciate the unabated remains high thanks to constant optimization and development. All models can thus repeatedly point to with major product innovations and are found regularly on the front ranks in the tests conducted by renowned journals.

The Continental ContiEcoContact CP once again confirms the excellent reputation of the manufacturer of Hannover. With its excellent suspension performance and reduced rolling resistance, it ensures an excellent comfort and a comprehensive security that remain high even at very high speeds.

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