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Achilles Winter 101 Winter tyres for cars

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Achilles Winter 101

Fantastic Winter Tyres for Fantastic Winter Drives


The Achilles Winter 101 are high quality and high performance winter tyres that are designed to be used with passenger cars.  These tyres boast a variety of features such as interlocking sipes, a specialized center rib design, four straight groove patterns and are composed of a special formulated compound.  These innovations allow these tyres to have a high quality grip and a high level of road feedback, no matter what the conditions are. 


Superb Performance All Winter


Even if the roads are wet these tyres maintain their grip and handling.  The special formula of these tyres is designed to allow them to perform well even under low temperatures.  So for a safe and comfortable drive, choose the Achilles Winter 101 tyres for your winter drive. 

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