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Winter tyre with 255 millimeters in width for a safe way home

Modern winter tyres offer not only a high driving stability, a good road gearing and high traction for maximum safety with freezing rain, ice, snow and hail.

Winter tyres mandatory on German roads

In Germany, winter tyres since 2010 in winter road duty filters give below a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius, the maximum adhesion properties against summer tyres. Because when it freezes, quickly lose the Gutwetterreifen with their most hard rubber compound blends its outstanding rolling, adhesion and stability characteristics. The significantly softer winter tyres contrast with their grobstolligeren profiles succeeds much better to maintain their elasticity even at temperatures below freezing, and thereby improve the linkage with the Aspaltoberfläche. In addition, particularly important in heavy snow is the dissipation capability of the tyre. For winter tyres with 255 mm wide profiles (eg Michelin ), which are permanently covered with snow and ice can, especially hardly exploit their superiority in forestry and mountain roads. Intelligent V-shaped arrangements of the tread blocks in the direction of travel provide lasting free tyre treads and guarantee especially in sensitive situations mileage and grip into the border area.

Technical superiority of brand manufacturers of winter tyres with 255 mm width

However, what you need to consider for winter tyres of 255mm width, is the opposite Sommerpneus but slightly higher fuel consumption caused by the rough profile, the thicker puncture protection layers and the increased by softer tread Walk resistance. This is why most winter tyres are with respect to their speed index released only to 180 kilometers per hour. The use of modern snow chain systems must be considered in the development. Therefore offer many producers especially designed for the tyre chains in their range. The architecture of the tyre - ie the geometric arrangement - determined during winter tyres significantly drivability. To provide wide winter tyres in 255-mm dimensions a large footprint for a sporty driving style, are narrow tyres are in great demand among more fuel savers because they bring much lighter wheels and a lower mass with it. The distance between rim flange and tread, the height of the tyre and is specified in the tyre standardization as a measure of the ratio of width to height (tyre section). This determines properties such as damping, spring travel, power transmission and feedback to the driver.

Winter tyres with 255 mm wide tread provide a high level of driving safety on ice and snow. Brand manufacturers offer a variety of high-quality tyres in all price ranges strong competition. This leads to a large selection of quality tyre models . The annual assembly of tyres, however, should be carried out not only for liability reasons necessarily in a specialist workshop.

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