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Winter tyres with 235 mm tyre width

Challenging road conditions during the cold season cause most drivers to change tyres. Summer tyre can then rest until the next season. By no later than the first frost of winter tyres should have the wheels to be mounted. According to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations is a situational Winterreifenpflicht. Therefore, all motorists should equip their vehicles with the matching winter tyres as soon as can be expected with snow, ice or slippery frost. Still you get on sportiness or driving comfort in any way. Winter tyres with 235 mm wide tread surfaces confirm this.

Safety, sportiness and ride comfort in winter

Many motorists get used to slow or reluctant to road conditions during the winter season. This is due to increasing snow and ice and slippery roads, often resulting in the absence of a sporty driving style. With the right winter tyres, however, this need not be the case. Winter tyres of 235 mm class provide the necessary grip even when the road is covered with snow or wet. Thanks to special profile design, these tyres are liable where summer tyres normally fail. Manufacturers like Fulda develop and produce these tyres for all car classes. They are available for 16-, 17- and 18-inch wheels.

Tested under the harshest conditions

tyre tests are the most reliable proof of quality and safety factor of a winter tyre. Therefore, winter tyres are subjected to a 235 mm wide tread surface regularly with the most stringent tests. One of the most testing ground for such purposes is located in Norway. Here testing among others the famous tyre manufacturer Michelin 's tyres. It must all winter tyres if confidently in a 235 mm or a different size, all tests. This means that these tyres are suitable for almost any situation on public roads. You warrant increased grip and more effective braking response at low temperatures. At the same time they provide good traction on roads with lots of snow mass.

Winter tyres with 235 mm wide treads can be easily mounted on almost all major car models. They offer protection, comfort and fuel efficiency with every kilometer during the winter season. Because of the low section height and the large tread width these tyres leave visually a very good impression.

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