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205 55 R15: A winter tyre, which ensures a good grip

The Make 205 55 R15 winter tyres as one of the most popular tyres in the compact and mid. Countless vehicles found with this tyre model before the perfect companion. The fact that here is a popular winter tyres is, is clearly visible on a wide range of tyres.

A versatile range

At the beginning of the winter season begin most car owners are thinking to make about choosing the right tyres. With the dimension 205 55 R15 winter tyres as consumers take basically a good choice. Due to popular demand, many manufacturers choose to receive a high quality car tyres produce, to ensure adequate grip in wintry soil conditions. This versatile range brings many advantages. So consumers can choice according to the region in which you live meeting. While there are plenty of tyre models that guarantee a balanced performance, however, a specific choice to reduce costs of new tyres contribute.

The individual characteristics of winter tyres

Who uses his car every day in winter, will pay in addition to the criteria dry and wet grip also on wear and fuel consumption of a car tyre. The test results of the ADAC pointed out that offer excellent handling the tyres C Formula, Goodyear OptiGrip or Pirelli Cinturato P7 in these areas. However, the tyre C Formula shows some weaknesses in the wet and -Trockenhandling. For consumers who live in mountainous regions and have to cope with steep climbs, the winter tyres is Continental (ContiPremiumContact 5). This shows on snowy roads, the best and most balanced performance.

The format 205 55 R15 as a winter tyre is a tyre model that has proven itself for many years in the tyre market. In a comparable dimension tests no model was rated poor or not recommended by 15 tyres. A result that is hardly to be found in a different tyre size. A good choice to safely and easily achieve the desired goal.

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