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Winter tyres with 20-inch diameters

The tyres for sports cars are getting bigger. With the demands of the driver of sporty handling and the tyre diameter increases. Winter tyres of 20 inches in diameter are now therefore no longer a rarity. To use them not only come in SUVs and other SUVs, but also in high-powered sedans.

Popular tyre size for powerful vehicles

The customs size is the inner diameter of winter tyres , and is equal to the rim size. 20 inches correspond to 50,80 cm. It concerns with winter tyres with 20 inches in diameter so to quite impressively large tyres that make a powerful visual impact. Accordingly, they are particularly suitable for large vehicles. For SUVs and Vans make tyre producers winter tyres with 20-inch diameters for many years ago. On popularity win the big winter tyres in recent years for sports coupes and sedans. Meanwhile offer many vehicle manufacturers, such as VW or Audi, models that are driven by the particularly large winter tyres.

Safe tyres with excellent grip

Winter tyres with 20 inches usually not only have a particularly large diameter, but they are also wider than the smaller variants in order to ensure a balanced driving. Thus they provide a particularly firm grip. Especially in winter conditions, on snowy and icy roads, the large diameter can be an advantage. The large tyres can be steered more easily and score with shorter braking distances. Who very safe car tyres looking for sporty vehicles, is therefore properly with these tyres. However, winter tyres are 20 inches often less comfortable than smaller models.

High security, but slightly lower comfort: these are the primary characteristics of winter tyres with 20-inch diameters. Today, there are already a number of cars, SUVs and vans that can be driven with the large and usually somewhat wider tyres.

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