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Winter tyres with 195 mm tread

Due to more difficult traffic conditions during the winter season, most motorists rise well before the first snow or frost to winter tyres. Surveys show that winter tyres in Germany that are 195 mm wide tread most commonly used. They fit to cars of different classes and can on aluminum or steel rims are fitted.

195 mm: tyre size for compact and medium range

In winter the road conditions, the driver and vehicle demand increasingly. This means that even tyres, as an important part of the vehicle and thus a safety factor for this season must be particularly resistant. Motorists who renounce winter tyres, often have negative experiences on the road. In addition, winter tyres are required by law during the cold season. Most motorists in Germany and Austria use winter tyres with a 195 mm wide tread. Your optimum width allows good adhesion on snowy roads. A tyre of this size is suitable for almost all vehicles in the compact and mid-and for some small cars.

Travelled with winter tyres

According to the general safety instructions that among other things for summer tyres are, are winter tyres that are 195 mm wide, tested under the most stringent conditions. Several tests prove that the footprint of the tyre is ideal for snowy and wet roads. Thanks to the narrow width of the tyre resistance while driving is very low, which enables significantly smoother ride and improved fuel economy. Special squeegee blades ensure a higher level of adhesion on snow and ice. Part of this slat prevents the snow on the tyre adheres so that the tread always maintains contact with the road surface. The remaining blades are adjusted so that the winter tyres with a 195 mm wide footprint on frosty and wet roads can provide enough grip. This is particularly noticeable on stability, steering and braking power of the vehicle.

Thanks to winter tyres with 195 mm tyre width can reliably take the coming winter season car owners. These tyres provide high stability, improved steering precision and braking performance, thereby addressing the safety on winter roads with. Such winter tyres excellent match for car steel wheels .

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