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Winter tyres of 14 inches: most common size for mini cars

With winter tyres is not only the stability, but also the tread depth of very great importance. This ensures on snow-covered surfaces for the required strength, whereby even in heavy snow and ice relatively short braking distances arise. A lot Mileage size in the range of very small cars are here, the winter tyres in 14-inch dimensions. Owners of small cars should therefore always be on the quality of their tyres Eight.

What distinguishes from 14 inch winter tyres?

These products are the small representative among the winter tyres. These fit example on car models such as the Citroen C3, the Fiat Panda or the VW Polo. Winter tyres that have 14 inches of inner diameter, were tested in 2012 by the ADAC. The winner of this year are the Continental ContiWinterContact TS80 , the Michelin Alpin A4 and the Pirelli Winter 190 Snow Control. Who is drawing these tyres on its wheels, increases the chances immensely to get safely through the winter.

What must be considered when buying winter tyres

The first point to be looked that the selected dimensions are also attached to each car. Of note are at the winter tyres - whether 14 inches, 15 inches or 16 inches - otherwise not only the dimensions, but also the speed. For most winter tyres of 14 inches, the average speed is, moreover, 190 km/h, while the design is radially generally. Another important criterion is the grip. If you want to keep additional fuel consumption low, you can access 8 example for Goodyear Ultra Grip. For a low noise also the Winterhawk 2 EVO is known.

On a positive note, that small winter tyres to be relatively low in 14 inch dimension due to their small size. If you want to also find an inexpensive distributors ensures with an online price comparison site that is found for every need the right tyres with the right dimensions.

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