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Nordexx summer tyres: Interested fun

The brand name sounds nordic, yet offers the Nordexx brand also suitable for warm temperatures suitable tyres. Nordexx summer tyres are characterized by their excellent driving characteristics on warm asphalt just like through their reliable aquaplaning. Security-conscious drivers found with Nordexx summer tyres a good alternative to more expensive models.

The most important facts about Nordexx summer tyres

The brand belongs to Nordixx NDI Group, which is headquartered in Denmark. Besides tyres NDI also produces lubricants, batteries and spare parts for automobiles. The production plants for Nordexx summer tyres are not only in Denmark, but also in Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK. quality but inexpensive tyres are exported nor in many other countries. Of course meet Nordexx summer tyres all European standards and may therefore no restrictions on the roads be. The range includes summer tyres for all popular car models, numerous different inch sizes are available.

Low wear and well-designed profile for all roadways

The range of Nordexx summer tyres includes the Nordexx Cirrus and Nordexx Comus. Both models differ in their profiling each other. One thing they have in common: The longitudinal grooves with the numerous small lateral grooves provide good aquaplaning characteristics. Even on wet roads drivers can easily keep track of, the braking distance is not extended significantly. Another source of danger in the summer is warm asphalt which softens the Gummiebeschichtung; the consequence is a higher abrasion and thereby a faster wear. Nordexx summer tyres are made of high quality materials, which can also withstand high temperatures. Therefore, they impress with their long service life. As XL version for trucks and vans is also the Nordexx Stratus offer.

Inexpensive and safe: Nordexx summer tyres also meet the requirements of demanding drivers. Thus the joyride is in summer nothing in the way.

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