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Italian summer tyres for hot days

Hot asphalt, heavy rain, strong thunderstorms - Summer tyres are not subject to less critical weather conditions as winter tyres. Especially high temperatures may become a risk because the rubber coating rubs off quickly on the tyres. Marangoni summer tyres provide low wear and are characterized moreover by good aquaplaning properties.

Marangoni summer tyres: quality for sun and rain

Marangoni summer tyres are from Italy. For 60 years already produced the manufacturers here quality Marangoni tyres for any occasion. The company is located the Italian Rovereto - from here the export takes place all over Europe, in the USA, South America and Asia. Marangoni summer tyres are at motorists especially popular because of their durability. Even in warm weather, they show very little wear and therefore keep long their profile structure. This is made so that it has a good water dispersion; excellent aquaplaning characteristics are therefore a second feature of the Marangoni summer tyres.

For the motorway and the terrain

The Italian company manufactures tyres for cars in different inch sizes. So is tyres for each model of the correct sentence Marangoni; whether a small car with Marangoni to summer tyres fitted or an SUV, the brand offers drivers a wide range. In addition to car tyres also are summer tyre for trucks and vans in the offer. And drivers who are in off-road terrain like to go must not renounce the quality Marangoni summer tyres. In tests convince all tyre models through its short braking distances and low noise.

Driving pleasure on dry and on wet roads is guaranteed by Marangoni summer tyres. Simultaneously, the Marangoni summer tyres ensure safe driving behavior.

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