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Lassa tyre buying Lassa tyres for winter

Who is looking for cheap and good tyres for summer tyres and are Lassa Lassa tyres for the winter is a good choice. The Turkish tyre manufacturer Lassa supplies almost all parts of the world with its products and is active mainly in the European market. Established in more than 30 years, companies Lassa is Turkey's biggest tyre manufacturers today. The Lassa tyre buying Lassa tyres for the winter be prepared with a lot of expertise and according to the latest state of the art.

Lassa tyres in certified quality

Lassa tyres work belongs with 350,000 square meters of production area of ​​the biggest tyre factories in the world. In more than 50 countries Lassa summer tyres and winter tyres Lassa are sold. For price and quality conscious consumers has to a selection of the latest Lassa tyre. The Lassa summer tyres and winter tyres Lassa, the bar is set very high. The quality of the tyres has been certified by several quality inspection institutions such as the German TÜV Süd. In Turkey, the company carries Lassa since 1993 the award entitled "National Quality Award". Moreover, Lassa since 1996 support the European Quality Awards.

Superior driving on all roads

Lassa tyre buying Lassa tyres for the winter are particularly durable, because they also come with the stony road conditions Turkey cope. Lassa tyres for cars, trucks and minibuses are ideal for long trips in rugged terrains and in all weather conditions. So also the Sommerfreifen Competus HL of liable Lassa on all roads in the rain and dust without any problems. The innovative tyre technology of Lassa summer tyre comes on the big racetracks Turkey used. Very good handling characteristics also shows the Snoways Era of Lassa on wet roads.

Lassa summer tyres Lassa all-terrain tyres and Lassa winter tyres are distinguished in any weather by superior handling characteristics.

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