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235 65 R17: A summer tyre for Allrader

Especially in an SUV is the right choice of SUV tyre crucial to maintain the optimum driving experience on a variety of ground conditions. The dimension 235 65 R17 summer tyres as one of the best-selling tyre sizes for SUVs. A manufactured with the four-wheel drive can play their full strength and still find enough security in or away from the traffic.

A tyre for every underground

Driver of the Mercedes M-Class or a Volvo XC 90 may know the benefits that brings the size 235 65 R17 summer tyres than with itself. Consumer delight in an extensive range of SUV tyres which meet depending on the manufacturer, the most important criteria. Most these tyres correspond to the Speed ​​Index V (240 km/h), which is provided for a smooth running at higher speeds. Especially with this tyre size, the developers are required because of the summer tyres has on sandy or stony terrain a similar ride comfort as on paved roads.

Models that ensure greater safety

The trade magazine Auto Bild has tested besides the known premium manufacturers such as Continental or Pirelli also some cheap tyres of size 235 65 R17 summer tyres than on their driving ability. Although consumers are to keep up with these tyres able costs down, however, the test shows that the performance of these tyres is not to be recommended. Weaknesses on dry and wet surfaces. There is also the cost of some models on sandy and muddy ground not a good performance is guaranteed. With usual good values ​​show the tyre manufacturer Continental, Michelin, Pirelli and Vredestein . tyre models that ensure better control of the vehicle.

Consumers benefit with the dimension 235 65 R17 summer tyres as from an extensive selection. Show The new tests that each tyre has individual strengths. With the right choice nothing to be desired. Ride comfort at the highest level of performance SUVs that also show weaknesses in rolling resistance and wear.

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