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215 65 R16 Car Summer tyres

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The size 215 65 R16 summer tyres than meets almost all criteria

There is no doubt, the car tyre incredible loads. Specifically 4x4 tyres require a robust design, the profile of which is different from other models. The dimension 215 65 R16 summer tyres than meets almost all the criteria, and can be described as all-rounder.

A tyre with a wide range of applications

In general, the manufacturer 215 65 R16 summer tyres comes as exclusively in 4x4 vehicles. Cars that move not only on paved roads, but find their field of application and on the trail. An essential element in the development of these tyres to find the optimal solution between braking, grip, rolling resistance and wear. A task that is achieved by most manufacturers very well. An offer is not lacking, which is why a detailed analysis of the various summer tyres is recommended.

Balance wins

The ADAC explained consumers with a detailed test the exact advantages and disadvantages of different brands 215 65 R16 than summer tyres. So the Pirelli Scorpion Verde has very good properties on wet roads and convinces with low wear, which is not inconsiderable factor for many consumers. Very balanced is the performance of the tyre from Vredestein (Sportrac 3) on dry and wet surfaces. However, some weaknesses in the noise and the wear can be recognized. The best result was achieved by the 4x4 tyres from Continental (Cross Contact UHP) that can be found in almost all tests at the top.

The dimension 215 65 R16 summer tyres as offers all the basic requirements, to provide consumers a more comfortable ride. 6 Of the seven models tested met all the necessary criteria and proved to be safe companion. 4x4 vehicles benefit from a reliable and balanced performance of summer tyres.

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