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The dimension 205 65 R15: summer tyres in a wide selection

Thanks to the excellent range of models in the size 205 65 R15 summer tyres from the segment it proves to be a simple matter to find a powerful companion for his vehicle. So there is this Pneu for the summer in the assortment of countless well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin or Pirelli.

High fuel economy and comprehensive security

A particularly well-known example is the Energy Saver GRNX made ​​by Michelin , a model that draws attention to itself with its innovative technologies and high performance. So stands this model, which is available in size 205 65 R15 summer tyres as, with its optimal adhesion and the very good handling. The new and patented Eco-Grip Compound rubber compound in turn ensures optimum fuel economy and increased durability, making these summer tyres very economical. Also contributing to this the newly developed under rubber in with what the rolling resistance - and thus fuel consumption and CO2 emissions - significantly lowers.

Short braking distances and perfect grip

Even the Rain Max RF from Uniroyal boasts numerous positive operating characteristics. The manufacturer, which is also known under the name "Rain Specialist", presented with this model a very strong and reliable running 205 65 R15er summer tyres, which can not be impressed by heavy rainfall or slippery road surfaces. Thus, one can take advantage of a perfect grip, short braking distances and a direct steering response even in poor weather and road conditions. Add to that the great smoothness by which this summer tyre distinguished, so that the comfort at no time is too short.

Thanks to the comprehensive range of high-quality models, it is easy to find a suitable tyre size 205 65 R15 summer tyres segment. Models such as the Rain Max RF Uniroyal or the Michelin Energy Saver GRNX bribe in a strong overall performance, which significantly increases the driving pleasure.

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