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205 55 R15 Car Summer tyres

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The size 205 55 R15 summer tyres as: Pleasant ride comfort and excellent performance

205 55 R15 summer tyres have balanced properties in the areas of driving performance, energy efficiency and comfort. By dimension arise some advantages, spread across all three attributes. tyres in size 205 55 R15 are an excellent choice for small and compact cars such as the Audi A1, BMW 3 Series and Skoda Octavia.

A good choice for the summer

The tread of 205 55 R15 summer tyres has the optimum width for a good mix of performance and efficiency. The reason is that the rolling resistance is large enough for a high level of traction while not adversely affect fuel consumption. Handling, traction and braking performance of the tyre can be improved with increasing traction. Especially on wet and dry surfaces which results in excellent driving safety. Furthermore, it is changed over the cross section of a tyre, the ride comfort and the cornering stability. 205 55 R15 summer tyres also show their good side and ensure excellent cornering stability and a high level of comfort.

Wide longitudinal grooves for a constant good traction

Particularly balanced in the range of 205 55 R15 summer tyres is the tyre series Nexen N Blue ECO . Both in energy efficiency as well as the wet grip cut the tyres from the class C (AG). For the excellent handling characteristics on wet and dry asphalt is responsible, among other things, the distinctive tyre tread. The pronounced longitudinal grooves ensure that water is removed quickly under the tyre. Thus, the reserve summer tyres their grip and ensure short braking distances. In addition, the profile of the 205 55 R15 summer tyres Nexen for a uniform weight distribution, whereby the mileage is increased enormously makes.

Short braking distances, precise handling and a comfortable ride comfort characterize summer tyres of the dimension 205 55 R15. Additionally, those who look for particularly economical car tyres should opt for Nexen N Blue ECO.

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