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Summer tyres with 18 inches

Bigger, wider, sportier tuning fans, but also many other motorists put today like on large tyre models. Summer tyres with 18 inch diameter offer here a good compromise between ride comfort and sporty driving. Especially for coupes and sedans, but also in the offroad segment, these tyres are often used.

The application areas of the big summer tyres

The segment of large tyres ranges from 17 to 20 inches in diameter; some tyre manufacturers and vehicle producers go even further and offer tyres with 21 or even 23-inch diameters. Summer tyres with 18 inches have a diameter equivalent to 45.72 cm. In addition to a larger diameter, they often offer a wider profile and are therefore well on the road. For sports coupes and high-powered sedans therefore these tyres will gladly used. Anyway, great and weighty vehicles such as SUVs and vans, as well as vans are also often driven with summer tyres of 18 inch diameter.

Thus, the summer tyres prove in test

Those looking for summer tyres with 18-inch diameter, place a wide range. All major manufacturers have summer tyres of this size in the range. Prices range from cheap models from the Far East to award-intensive versions of brand producers. A short braking distance, safe wet handling and temperature-stable treads are the criteria that should pay attention to the drivers when choosing their summer tyre. With short braking distances may include summer tyres of the brand Nokian score in the test of Auto Bild. Even in wet conditions, the tyre kicks very well. Summer tyres with 18-inch Pirelli convince other hand by a low rolling resistance and low fuel consumption.

Who is like to go sporty, yet wants a comfortable ride, often chooses Summer tyres with 18-inch diameter. A large contact surface ensures safety and easy handling.

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