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Summer tyres with 17 inch diameter

Heavy rains, hot summer days: Summer tyres must prove themselves in many different weather conditions. In addition to high driving safety, they should also have a sporty appearance. Both properties good summer tyres 17 inch diameter can score.

Sporty looks, high driving comfort

Summer tyres of 17 inches, win more and more. For numerous vehicle models of the middle class are now standard, other models can nevertheless be ordered as an option with the larger tyres. The 17-inch model offers a good compromise between a sporty look and a comfortable ride. While tyres often very sure are on a larger scale on the street, the comfortable ride is lost. Summer tyres up to 17 inches are also usually slightly cheaper than the major alternatives. Tuner and drivers will appreciate tyre in this size for sporty coupes and sedans, for example, for the Audi TT, especially with the matching rims .

Popular tyre dimension not only for cars

Summer tyres in 17-inch size fall on especially by their good turn-in. Combined with the matching alloy wheels to impart Automobiles also a sporty look. The 17-inch model but not available for cars only; also vans, SUVs and trucks can be fitted with tyres of 17 inch diameter. 17-inch summer tyres for cars must prove their performance in tests repeatedly demonstrated. On wet roads while cutting among others the Hankook tyres, Toyo and Rain Spirit from good. Pneus Toyo and Dunlop can convince on dry roads also.

The 17-inch model are popular summer tyres for cars with a lot of horsepower under the hood. Optics, drivability and comfort convince in the test and in practice.

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