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Summer tyres in 16 inches as a one size fits all

For many vehicles, tyres with standard 16-inch wheels delivered. To this extent, this is a universal size that are very often used and can be used for the vehicle owner, usually without problems. Acceptance or keeping of certain documents are not usually required.

Labeling confusion with summer tyres in 16 inches

Tyre sizes are designated in the form of a series of numbers. Thus, for example in the size 205/55 R16 wheels offered. Although the figures may be confusing at first glance, they are easily explained. The 205 is the tyre width in millimeters. With the 55, the ratio of the tyre height is given to the width in percent. The R stands for radial tyre, which is in principle only are these tyres form today. The 16 finally is the rim diameter in inches. The often related in technical fields unit tariff can convert easily. 16 inches correspond then 40.64 cm.

Summer tyres with 16-inch wheels not only look good from

As many automakers 16-inch tyres make for standard tyres, these are part of the standard repertoire of every trader. Due to the high demand, the price and so are sinks summer tyres in 16 inches is usually cheaper compared to other dimensions. Nevertheless, they seem big enough even with alloy wheels and also support a sporty style.

Whether beautiful aluminum wheels in 16 inch or cheap steel wheels : Wheels of this size have an attractive appearance and are easy to handle.

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