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Pneumant tyres - quality models at an affordable price

Pneumant car tyres were in the former GDR almost indispensable part of everyday life. Today the models are also sold internationally and are due to the high quality and the low price greatly appreciated. On Pneumant there are a good range of different tyre models.

Excellent comfort and durability

The summer and winter tyres of the East German manufacturer Pneumant belonged in the former GDR everyday life easy now. Even today appreciate countless customers the excellent comfort and long life of Pneumant car tyres, which also have very good handling. Thanks to the optimal contact surface is also made for a very smooth ride and even wear. Unfortunately, the Japanese parent company Dunlop has decided to ring in the end of the production of car tyres Pneumant end 2012 Design. From 2013, the production of tyres under the name thus Dunlop be the only object of Pneumant. On Pneumant you can still find a good selection of popular products.

From East German company to an international tyre manufacturer

founded in 1906 in Berlin, the tyre factory DEKA pneumatic GmbH was already 15 years later independently. About ten years later, the company was even the first tyre manufacturer, the synthetic rubber in the manufacturing process with began. In the former GDR, the company was restructured under the name "Pneumant" and became a monopolist in the production of tyres for cars. In the 1980s, the company produced 2.5 million Pneumant car tyres annually. After the turn, the company was incorporated into the international Dunlop Group, headquartered in Japan and continued its production. On Pneumant you can still find a good selection of different models.

The qualitative and favorable Pneumant car tyres are estimated rightly of countless customers. The models are characterized by a long life and excellent comfort to mention are also the quiet running characteristics and even tread wear.

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