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Kleber car tyres: Kleber Overview

The company Kleber stands for high quality tyres for every season. Through the development of advanced technologies glue has brought the development of the tyres steadily forward. Many customers rely on the good name with Kleber tyres.

Glue with innovation to successful corporate history

The history of the tyre manufacturer Kleber begins in 1910 in France. The first tyre in 1911 was produced and offered for sale. Kleber researching constantly for the improvement of car tyres and always brings new and improved products to market. Kleber tyres in 1935 were known by the whitewall tyres for the car models Versailles and Chambord. Glue recognizes the need for tyres for winter. The car tyres "Weisser Bär" was the first winter tyre on the market, which was highly appreciated by dairies and milk shops. In 1951 presents glue before the first tubeless tyre, revolutionizing the development of the tyres. Kleber car tyres have since been of high quality and safety standards. Adhesive develops its products further and rises in 1981 successfully with AUDI in the rally - a World Cup. Insights on the behavior of the tyres on various road surfaces and various air pollution are continuously fed into the development of adhesive car tyres.

Introduction of PROTECTIS - Technology Progress by adhesive

Kleber has since 2003 tyres PROTECTIS - technology. If the tyre is damaged, the tread of the tyre adhesive seals itself and a pressure loss is avoided. This increases the driving safety of cars on the road considerably. Kleber tyres are very progressive tyre that can be acquired in accordance with the respective type of car. The constant development of car tyres Kleber enjoys a high reputation. Glues Assistance that around the clock offers a free tyre breakdown service in Europe since 2003, underscores the confidence in Kleber tyres . A great service that is extended of 2007.

The research at the company Kleber continues innovative. Always safe and high quality tyres determine the supply of glue. Winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres are available for almost all car models. They offer the customer a high sense of security in all weather conditions, since the adhesive car tyres are always particularly adapted to wet or dry road conditions. The excellent test results underscore the high quality of glue tyres and underline the high level of customer satisfaction.

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