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Jinyu Car Tyres

Jinyu car tyres was founded in 1995 and now provides to more than 100 countries. Car tyres Jinyu mainly produces are semi-steel radial tyres and steel radial tyres. The reasoning for these mainly produced tires is because radial tyres are far more superior than non- radial ones because they offer far more advantages such as. The tread is more resistant, so that the tyre does not cut so easily which leads to a longer life span of the tyres. Tyres are the second biggest expense when it comes to owning a car so the longer they last the more money you are saving. Overtime traction on Jinyu tyres gets better as radial tyres will have a flatter contact with the road than ones that are non-radial making for the tyres to be overall better. Which is a great reason to buy Jinyu car tyres.

Jinyu Car Tyre Prices

When your buying Jinyu car tyres looking for Jinyu car tyres online will give you a better understanding on what features your tyre will have and can generally lead to you getting a better deal on a set. A great place to look for Jinyu tyres for cars is as you get to see multiple offers for the tyre you are looking for and find the best deal for you. Jinyu summer tires feature fuel saving, silence and great handling for your vehicle. The prices may vary from 47.00 ₤ upwards to 108.00 ₤ depending on your vehicle model and make. As well as the winter tyres have some great features as well economy, grooves,tread pattern and a special tread compound. The winter tyres price varies from 50.00 ₤ to 95.00 ₤ based upon your vehicles specifications.

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Jinyu car tyre

Car tyres are the desire of every driver. Provided you do not give up the safety and driving comfort. With Jinyu car tyres, which are available at Tyres.NET, this is possible.

Cheap tyres for safe driving

Like many other tyre manufacturers, who are represented at Tyres.NET also Jinyu comes from China. The company was founded 1995th At that time it was supplying mainly the Asian market with car tyres. But the quality of Jinyu car tyre has been detected in other parts of the world quickly. This allowed, in addition to low prices, a world-wide market placement of products of this manufacturer. The success on the world market enabled the company an even faster pace development, so Jinyu now has its own development team and testing laboratories. This is in today's tyre industry one of the most important requirements for high quality and safe tyres. Over 13 million pieces of Jinyu car tyres are produced each year in China alone. Good enough for a worldwide market share, which even at Tyres.NET is seen. The management of Jinyu constantly strives for an expansion of Assortiments, and close cooperation with other tyre manufacturers, so always new technologies can be used.

Jinyu car tyres have long since no unknown name

Jinyu car tyres , which are available at Tyres.NET, among the most popular tyres on the market. The manufacturer has different tyre models for the summer and winter seasons. A very popular Somme tyre is the Jinyu JH12 . He is one of the best tyres in its class at Tyres.NET. Despite the low price of the tyre allows a remarkable driving comfort. In terms of safety also true here everything as it could prove different tests. Who wants to move forward low even in winter, which can be for the Jinyu car tyre YW 51 decide. With it, you are safe even with snow and frost on the go.

Jinyu car tyres are the ideal combination of safety and comfort for a small price. In Tyres.NET most models of this brand are available.

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