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Fulda tyres: Portrait of the manufacturer

The tyre manufacturer Fulda tyres was established in 1900 as a rubber works Fulda. Although still in production in the founding city today, the company's headquarters is located today in Hanau near Frankfurt. Since 1962 the company Fulda tyres is part of the Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company.

Fulda tyres - high-tech products for high performance

The manufacturer's product range Fulda tyres is mainly focused on specific fields of application. These include quality tyres for trucks and buses, but also for vans and minibuses . Production program but also includes tyres for off-road use. Fulda tyres are however also produced for cars. In this segment of the market, they are specially designed for high-performance cars with high speeds.

High performance tyres for high demands

Fulda tyres are largely determined for vehicles with high performance and high speeds. Particularly when used in commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, it depends on reliability. In addition, some models of Fulda tyres among consumers especially because of their efficiency are popular. Through the use of Fulda tyres, the rolling resistance of the vehicle is reduced. At the same time Fulda tyres are characterized by their durability and low wear. To select the right tyres for the vehicle is allowed to be best advised by a specialist dealer. It is also advisable to purchase to bring the car documents, because there the prescribed for the vehicle size is recorded.

Fulda tyres are quality products that have proven itself many times. The tyres were tested under extreme conditions and the confidence of consumers.

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