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Glue all season tyres - high ride comfort in all seasons

With glue all season tyres every driver is prepared for all weather conditions perfectly. Because the high quality models of the French tyre manufacturer, which is also on adhesive can be found, guarantee maximum safety and a high level of ride comfort in all seasons.

Good grip and precise steering response

Kleber all season tyres be rightly valued by millions of customers worldwide. For the high quality and the countless excellent handling characteristics of the models ensure a perfect driving pleasure is guaranteed in all weather conditions. This is the special tread pattern of adhesive all season tyres thanks to the wonderful offer maintenance with a high number of segments in the middle and an open tread pattern also on icy and slippery surface. The wide lateral grooves contribute their features to ensure that the water uptake and discharge runs optimally. Even on dry roads provide the massive shoulders with the stable and compact tread blocks for a perfect fit. The specially developed silica rubber tread compound ensures high stability during the summer and for a comprehensive resilience in winter. The popular adhesive all season tyres from the series Quadraxer are adhesive to find.

Reliable and safe

The French tyre manufacturer Kleber attaches great importance to a comprehensive security and high reliability of its products. Also thanks to this guiding principle, the company was able to develop in the course of its 100-year history, one of Europe's leading tyre manufacturers. Meanwhile the trademark belongs to the world-famous Michelin Group. As before, all adhesive all season tyres in Paris are high. A significant portion of its annual budget is used for research and innovation, so that the models are continuously improved. Today the product range includes a rich as high-performance products, which also includes tyres for vans include.

Thanks to the high quality adhesive all season tyres can look forward to even extreme weather conditions allowed. Highlight was the special tread pattern which ensures optimal water absorption and discharge, as well as a perfect grip even on slippery surfaces. The special rubber tread compound is doing its part to the high quality of glue all season tyres in with.

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