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205 45 R17 Car All-Season tyres

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205 45 R17 all-season tyres: Comfortable tyres with sporty looks

205 45 R17 all-season tyres combine the positive characteristics of broad and standard tyres and thus offer an optimum mixture. Visually, the tyres present sporty and powerful and transfer this also to the respective vehicle. Are particularly suitable for small and compact car like the Audi A1 or VW Golf.

Strong traction tyres with excellent steering and braking characteristics

An important feature of the 205 45 R17 all-season tyres relates to the tread. With a tyre width of 205 millimeters , the tyres have a very balanced tread which is neither narrow nor particularly broad. This produces several positive effects: The all-season tyres have a low fuel consumption because rolling resistance less fails. However, the rolling resistance is large enough for an attractive level of handling, traction and braking performance. Also on snowy roads make the 205 45 R17 all-season tyres for safe driving, as the surface pressure is high and can effectively engage the profile in this way. The tyre width of weather tyre also guarantees a superb combination of cornering stability and ride comfort.

Top performance in all weather conditions

Convenient and safe rides in sun, rain and snow are the Vredestein QUATRAC 3 guaranteed. The tyre series is designed for speeds of up to 240 km/h, and is labeled by wet adhesion in the EU tyre label with Class C (AG). Compared to other series like the Dunlop SP 4 All Seasons or the Hankook Optimo 4S H730 , this means that a vehicle with car tyres of Class E with a hard stop (80 Km / h) from a wet road requires up to 11 meters longer braking distance. Moreover convince the 205 45 R17 all-season tyres Vredestein by very low rolling noise, which are specified in the EU tyre label with a value of 68 decibels.

The dimensions 205 45 R17 all-season tyres as provides balanced properties for vehicles of small and compact cars. Specifically, the Vredestein QUATRAC 3 lure with good wet grip and low rolling noise.

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