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205 45 R16 Car All-Season tyres

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205 45 R16 all-season tyres: Outstanding traction and comfort

The selection of all-season tyres in the dimension 205 45 R16 been canceled relatively small. Owners of small and compact cars, however, should look at the existing tyre series definitely once. Because 205 45 R16 all-season tyres offer excellent handling characteristics and in any weather.

all season tyres feel especially comfortable in winter

all season tyres usually cut at low temperatures better than at high. When lying on the roads of snow and ice the roads, running all-season or all-weather tyres on the top form. Under these conditions, even good winter tyres can hardly win benefits. The size 205 45 R16 all-season tyres as in winter makes for optimum handling and short braking distances. But even in summer it provide convincing the tyres. Their wide tread the 205 45 R16 all-season tyres have good traction and the low cross section provides additional cornering stability. Ideal conditions for each season, and a relief on the wallet.

Short braking distances on snow and rain

The 205 45 R16 all-season tyres series Maxxis MA AS feature very good braking and steering characteristics and a high mileage. In the wet grip the tyres achieve a class-C marking. A very good value: required in relation to a vehicle class F tyres, during emergency braking on wet surfaces at 80 km/h up to 11 meters longer braking distance. For the outstanding values ​​of car tyres is responsible, among other things, the special tread pattern. This has in salts of silicic acid in the mixture, which significantly improve on wet asphalt and snow the riding characteristics.

Convincing in snow, rain and drought: Thanks to its dimensions are 205 45 R16 all-season tyres convincing all season tyre for compact and subcompact class. Although the selection of the same tyre model is small, it is worth looking.

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