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All-season tyres with 19 inch diameter

A tyre diameter of 19 inches -. Corresponding converted 48.26 cm all season tyres with 19 inch diameter therefore among the major representatives in the tyre market. Nearly every manufacturer offers all-weather tyres in this dimension. But what characteristics distinguish this tyre and for which vehicles they are?

Balance between ride comfort and safety

All-season tyres are in every season provide high security. In summer, they have to cope with high temperatures in the winter to ensure a good grip and short braking distances on ice and snow. Showers should not bring into a skid, the all-weather tyres also. Only then they are an alternative to summer tyres and winter tyres. This is also true for all-season tyres on 19 inch diameter. Pneus this dimension provides an optimum balance between ride comfort and safety. A larger diameter in most cases also a greater tyre width. Very safe, therefore are all-season tyres with 19-inch on the road. At the same time they can be controlled easily and respond quickly to brakes and steering wheel movements.

For large cars and SUVs

tyres with a diameter of 19 inches are best suited to cars of the upper middle class and the upper class. In tuning sector this large dimensions are very popular to give the horsepower vehicles a dynamic appearance. Matching aluminum wheels in the appropriate size reinforce the sporty impression. SUVs and vans that are already requiring larger tyre dimensions normally, are also frequently equipped with all-season tyres on 19 inch diameter. The advantage: High-quality all-season tyres are suitable for virtually any terrain, the change from summer and winter tyres can thus also the drivers of SUVs save.

Weather tyre with a diameter of 19 inches are something for motorists who like cars with a sporty look. Corresponding off-road tyres are suitable for jaunts into the terrain. The tyres combine a comfortable ride with high security.

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