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All-season tyres of 18 inches with impressive results

The installation of all-season tyres with 18 inches is usually on 4x4 vehicles and vans - but also passenger cars in the middle class and upper class enjoy the comfort that this entails. Especially people who want security in all weather conditions, meeting with the all-weather tyre is the right choice.

The special profile design

Unlike 15- or 16-inch tyres, the all-season tyre is 18 inches for heavy and powerful cars. In addition to a pleasant smoothness at high speeds, this tyre provides good cornering stability. Due to the special rubber compound and tread design, the all-season tyres with 18 inch diameter in winter and in summer to different road conditions adapts. The wide tread grooves ensure good water repellency and better control in wet conditions. The speed index of most -weather tyre is 200-245 km/h.

The versatile all-weather tyre

The all-weather tyre Scorpion Verde All Season Eco of Pirelli ensures excellent grip on the ground as well as on normal roads. The all-season tyres (18 inch) is a very versatile tyre, with a route planning for all seasons can flexibly and individually. Positive test results from the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons are worth mentioning. Compared to winter tyres all season tyres achieved an impressive result and was included on the front ranks of the rankings. Snow and mud make this all-weather tyre is not a challenge, without negative characteristics are observed on dry roads.

The all-season tyres of 18 inches fulfills all relevant criteria and proves to be good companion for SUVs, vans or cars. Through the two-part profile sections are easily handled in hot weather or snow. The Pneu allows sovereign steering a vehicle. Handling characteristics, safely escort a driver to the desired destination.

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