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UHP-wheel tyres: 285 50 R18 is popular SUV dimension

The tyres 285 50 R18 dimension are ideal for SUVs and Allrader suitable. They offer enormous resistance because of their size and high load carrying capacity - and special handling for all weather conditions and different soil conditions.

tyre for SUVs that meet specific requirements

Most SUVs have a strong engine and are equipped with a four-wheel drive. Because of the weight of the vehicle and the high speeds tyres are needed with a high load limit. For the use on roads the tyres are 50 R18 measure particularly well suited in the 285 because of its exceptional dry and wet grip. It plays an important role that the outer edges of the most premium tyres of this size are aligned separately harder of the mixture is prepared. The profile is asymmetrical usually created, which gives the car a clear line in the steering. Stiffeners of bead area in the central region of many of the tyres 285 50 R18 size enable precise steering and give the vehicle an overall safe driving stability.

tyres with good wet grip and other weather conditions

The 285 50 R18 has very good handling, especially when wet. The enormously wide treads (285 mm) can rainwater derive very well and therefore provide an effective protection against aquaplaning. The tyre 285 50 R18 has at any time grip in wet conditions because a drainage effect generated by the distinct tyre grooves.

tyres 285 50 R18 dimension are designed by their stability and size optimal for the requirements of all-wheel-powered SUVs, because the wide treads provide optimum traction and a very safe driving behavior even at high speeds. Even in wet conditions even dangers Stunts with a very good grip are connected. The large Abmessunegn also ensure that in the curves and at high speeds an optimal driving behavior is achieved.

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