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High-quality four-wheel tyres: 265 70 R16 with a pronounced profile structure

Allradler offer many advantages in traffic. Many people delight in the comfort, bring these vehicles in the most diverse weather conditions and seasons with them. But without the appropriate 4x4 tyres are also ATVs unable to ensure safety. these requirements are met with the tyres "265 70 R16".

The Pneu for SUVs

The tyres 265 70 R16 size has a strong and powerful profile structure. Unlike other dimensions, consumers can rely on a reinforced construction, which damage to the tyre coming off difficult existence. The terrain tyres are generally with the speed index T (up to 190 km/h) or higher in which even at higher speeds on motorways or highways is given a pleasant smoothness. The SUV tyres provide plenty of grip and away from paved roads. Consumers can find with this tyre size before numerous product inventories for the winter, summer or year-round use suitable.

More stability and support

Compared to a conventional tyre, the good performance is only in wet or dry road conditions, the tyres in 265 70 R16 dimensions must withstand diverse demands. SUVs are not only used as a means of transport for people, but also be used specifically for the transport of goods. Despite a heavy trailer this Pneu ensures sufficient stability and support to be safe and comfortable to travel on roads or off-road. Although currently there are no current tests, experience shows that it is worth a high quality tyre from a premium manufacturer such as Continental Continental to acquire Pirelli or Goodyear.

In the tyre of 265 70 R16 size is a tyre which is specially made for SUVs. So enjoy consumers with a Mitsubishi Pajero good traction performance on asphalt, sandy or rocky terrain. The 4x4 tyre allows an excellent handling, without having to prove great driving skills.


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    • 265/70 R16 112V
    • Car - Summer

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    • 265/70 R16 112H
    • Car - Summer

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    • 265/70 R16 112T
    • Car - Winter

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    • C
    • 73 dB

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