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265 35 R19 tyres - quality models for sports cars

Whether for summer or winter - now there is a very good choice of different tyres in the size 265 35 R19, all for sports car are suitable. Thus, it is not difficult to find a suitable tyre to be fitted to your own wishes and ideas.

Running Strong and durable

The tyre size 265 35 R19 can be found at major manufacturers such as Dunlop, Bridgestone and Continental in the program. Very well known is the Pilot Super Sport UHP EL from Michelin , which can, like the other models come up with its very good mileage and a strong overall performance. He impresses with its elaborate tread design, which allows a very good handling even at fast speeds. Furthermore you can benefit from a high traction and an excellent grip, features that does not subside even in adverse weather and road conditions. Worth mentioning also is the high durability, through which the 265 35 R19 tyres apart.

Safe and sturdy

Even with the winter tyres can be a good selection of different models in the size 265 35 R19 find. Thus offers the manufacturer Falken also Yokohama this Pneu for the winter. Could draw attention to itself and the Winter 270 Sottozero 2 XL from Pirelli , the multiply positively noticed in tests. Was praised for example its good performance on icy and slippery roads, moreover offers the 265 35 R19 tyres with its low rolling resistance, which makes for a very good economy.

Especially on summer tyres in the size 265 35 R19 you can now find a good and comprehensive selection for all major manufacturers. Even winter tyres this category are now available from several companies, which substantially simplifies the search for a matching Pneu.

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