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tyres in 255 55 R17 Dimension: quality tyres for off-road vehicles and SUVs

tyres 255 55 R17 Dimension are mainly in the field of ATVs and SUVs used. The tyres are characterized by a strong traction, excellent braking performance and a comfortable level of ride comfort. Well-known manufacturers such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Continental offer the tyre size.

Low rolling noise and a good damping ensure driving pleasure

At first glance bribe tyres in 255 55 R17-measure by a powerful look. With its wide tread and the striking 17-inch wheels , the off-road tyres act powerful and exceptionally sporty. This impression automatically transferred to the vehicle. The handling also makes the wide tread noticeable, which ensures excellent traction on asphalt and in easy terrain. The high tyre rolling resistance of 255 55 R17 segment affects traction, braking and handling positive. The tyre height on the other hand has an influence on the ride comfort and guarantees in this case, quiet rides offroader.

An excellent summer tyre for SUVs

The Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO offer than the tyre 255 55 R17 Dimension balanced driving behavior and low fuel consumption. Specifically SUV owners benefit from these tyres series which gewährleitstet by an asymmetrical profile, deep longitudinal grooves and circumferential tread blocks an excellent wet grip. In EU tyre label these with the class B (AG) is marked. The energy efficiency of summer tyres has the class C. The Pirelli tyres also distinguished by their small rolling noise, which are specified in the EU tyre label with 72 decibels. Open to the Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO as tyres with 255 55 R17 size for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

tyres in the size 255 55 R17 are ideal for driving over asphalt and easy terrain. The maximum speed of many tyre series this dimension is 240 km/h. Cheap summer tyres are available starting at around 130 euros.

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