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A good choice for sporty drivers - tyres in 215 35 R18

tyres in 215 35 R18 dimension are called low-profile tyres. A sporty look, excellent driving characteristics and designed for high temperature construction distinguish this type tyres.

go fast and safely

With a very low cross-section as in the tyre 215 35 R18 size than average rubber rests on the floor. Because of this fact, the rolling resistance of is car tyres high and therefore the grip while driving. A good grip has a favorable effect on traction, braking and handling. Another advantage of low-profile tyres is that the tyre has hardly deform in use - the so-called flexing turns out low. The positive thing about it is, less heat is generated and the wear of the tyre decreases. The result is a longer life. In addition, give the tyre 215 35 R18 Dimension of each vehicle a more powerful appearance.

A high-traction tyres with a distinctive visual appearance

The selection of the respective tyres (215 35 R18) is extensive - Who on balanced properties emphasizes the purchase, with the Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO K110 very well served. The quality tyres in the EU tyre label for wet grip and energy efficiency in each case with the C class. A good result, since the identification of 7 classes includes (AG) and many tyres of this size at least cut significantly worse in terms of fuel consumption. The tyre noise are indicated with settled 70 decibels in the lower range of values. The summer tyres from Hankook are approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h.

Sporty appearance, special running strength and excellent braking, steering and traction characteristics make the tyres 215 35 R18 division to an optimal choice for motorists who like to drive even faster. An economical tyre in this size is for example the Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO K110.

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