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tyres 205 45 R18-size: all of good athletes

tyres in 205 45 R18 include, among other things on the BMW 1 Series - they are the ideal tyres for sporty vehicles with powerful engine, in the case of BMW and the comfort plays a role.

Sportiness and comfort

In tyres of 205 45 R18 size is for manufacturers usually find a compromise: namely between sporty handling and the highest possible ride comfort. This is constructionally in a tyre is not always as easy hinzubekommen, this takes a lot of expertise and experience in the manufacture of tyres. For this very reason just the most proven tyres also come from the traditional premium manufacturers such as Continental , Michelin or Goodyear. Some brands from the budget segment but often deliver at summer tyres also amazing comfort and many models also have a particularly long durability and abrasion resistance. Not always here the premium brand is thus the only guarantee of a really good tyres, as many budget manufacturers already produce with the technology of major leading brands and often also manufacture licensing models for the adults.

Sporty driving characteristics and the same good characteristics in the wet

Most tyres in 205 45 R18 succeeds in translating the sporty performance in all road conditions. Unlike extreme sports tyres are hardly to find models that actually belong only to the dry road. The braking distances, the top models differ here but then often much of the less good when the road is wet. In many tyre tests for summer tyres is one of the main criteria for performance evaluation, even in the winter tyre wet performance counts but to a large extent to the overall assessment of the tyre. To remain not be after a breakdown, there are way too many models as so-called run-flat version, with which one can continue for quite a distance even with complete loss of air.

tyres 205 45 R18 division are to be found mainly on sports-oriented medium-sized car, but in many cases, the tyres have to meet solid comfort.

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  • Recommended product
    Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2
    • 205/45 ZR18 90Y
    • Car - Summer

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    • Ebay 580.90
    • 126.16
    • 126.30

    from  580.90 ₤

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  • Dunlop SP Sport Maxx
    • 205/45 ZR18 90W
    • Car - Summer

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    • 108.88
    • 108.88
    • 109.20

    Highest price: 165.58 

    from  108.88 ₤

    Save up to 34%

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  • Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 Asymmetric ROF
    • 205/45 R18 86Y
    • Car - Summer

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    • 128.34
    • 128.70
    • 129.60

    Highest price: 253.44 

    from  128.34 ₤

    Save up to 49%

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  • Accelera Phi
    • 205/45 ZR18 90Y
    • Car - Summer

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    • Ebay 44.32
    • 48.40
    • 48.60

    Highest price: 93.08 

    from  44.32 ₤

    Save up to 52%

    All 9 Offers
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