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Vans tyres: 195 65 R16 dimension with running strong Pneus

tyres in 195 65 R16 measure are mainly produced for vans. They are distinguished by their running strength, balanced driving characteristics and low fuel consumption. Thanks to a tyre height of 65 percent of the tyre width, the tyres also offer an attractive level of ride comfort.

Economic tyre with good handling characteristics

tyres for vans have partly different qualifications applicable to passenger car tyres. The focus is on van tyres usually on a long life and a good energy efficiency. Of course, also need to convince the braking performance and handling. When a tyre width of 195 mm have the tyre 195 65 R16 Dimension enough tread for good traction in dry and wet. At the same time, the rolling resistance is not too high, so that the tyre remains economically. tyres in size 195 65 R16 also exist in a relatively high proportion of rubber. This positively affects the damping of the tyres and thus ensures improved running smoothness.

The discount Semperit VAN LIFE summer tyres

Inexpensive and equipped with balanced road is the series Semperit VAN LIFE in the dimension 195 65 R16. The tubeless radial tyres achieve both in fuel consumption as well as wet grip, good results. Your grooved slat profile ensures even in the rain for sufficient grip and reduced by wide longitudinal grooves the risk of aquaplaning. In addition convince the summer tyres by a long service life. Slightly more expensive, but also equipped with better handling, the Continental VANCO ECO . In EU tyre label is the tyres are of 195 65 R16 segment in wet grip and fuel each marked with the class B.

Low fuel costs and an excellent steering behavior make the tyre 195 65 R16 dimension to a popular size for van drivers. Accordingly, the selection of summer and winter tyres of this size is extensive.

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