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tyres in 145 80 R10 - great choice for the trailer

tyres in 145 80 R10 are intended for use on car trailers. 10 inch rims are and have never been used in cars.

Security is also important when towing a trailer

The tyres of the trailer deserves appropriate attention - here it comes just on the running characteristics of the tyre as in car tyres . Directional stability is particularly important for trailer tyres, the load capacity of the selected tyre should correspond definitely the transported load on the car trailer. In case of rain and high water levels on the roadway of the trailer tyres must also necessarily have good moisture properties and may reduce risk of aquaplaning effectively - floating of the trailer, which makes him lose the grip is just as dangerous as in the car and, in heavy trailer loads may even itself bring the vehicle into a skid. For this reason, the choice of trailer tyres is almost similar size of those of summer tyres .

Great choice on the market

The selection of tyres in 145 80 R10 is surprisingly large - almost every manufacturer has in this dimension of one or even several models in its range. Budget tyres make here of course paid about the Sincera of hawks or Kingstyre KT 765. wear resistance and good performance with favorable purchase price is just for trailer tyres of course, a very advantageous criterion. Even the Maxxis CR 966 and the Marshal Steel are candidates from the budget-League. Especially the Maxxis is especially designed for trailer operation, and designed for special directional stability - that is why he also carries the additional title TRAILERMAXX. Who incidentally a Ape Classic Car his own calls - but these are probably very few - can also mount this dimension, it fits well for the three-wheel racer and provides him with good tyre quality a first-class drivability, better than many other tyre models otherwise be used for the Ape Cars.

tyres in 145 80 R10 are mainly intended for towing a trailer and must have the same features as a car tyre. They can also be used on individual Ape models.

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