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Maximum performance with the Bridgestone ED 78

An Enduro is placed both on difficult terrain as well as on the asphalt a good performance, but it also needs the best machine a suitable tyres. With the Bridgestone ED 78 is off and on asphalt guarantees maximum performance.

Bridgestone ED 78: Summer tyres for enduro

Bridgestone ED 78 is a tyre series specifically for the requirements of an Enduro. The tyres provide maximum grip on hard asphalt and soft ground floor. For secure grip on sand, gravel and mud that have tyres for the motorcycle 78 is a block profile that suits the nature forth a motocross tyre series Bridgestone ED. The individual tread blocks dig formally into the ground and sufficient space between the studs, the tyres have a self-cleaning effect. For good traction on the road, the rubber compound of Bridgestone ED 78. Also ensures the tyres thanks to the special material is also a relatively high mileage. The Bridgestone ED 78 are approved for speeds of up to 130 Km / h.

Bridgestone: With progress and quality to success

Whether in motor racing, at a ausgiebiegen offroad tour or everyday driving on the highway, the Bridgestone tyres always guarantee an excellent performance. That is also the reason that the car and motorcycle tyres from Bridgestone are in great demand internationally. The traditional company from Japan can look back on a more than 80-year history. This continuous development of its products has always played a major role. Progress and quality are the two pillars that have made Bridgestone one of the most successful tyre manufacturer in the world.

The tyres of the series Bridgestone ED 78 are optimally tailored to the ride in the field and on the road. A striking block pattern and a special rubber compound provide the best grip on any surface.

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