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Bridgestone Duravis R 410: Safe Summer tyres for vans

Summer tyres for vans must be able to score with a particularly high load-bearing capacity. They also need stable treads that do not deform by heat on sunny days. Only in this way ensures that wear out the tyres evenly and retain the good safety features. Bridgestone Duravis R 410 provides these features and proven in tests as in the driving experience.

Only good test results

Several car magazines have 410 already taken the Bridgestone Duravis R under the microscope. The results are unanimously enthusiastic. The Transporter summer tyre convinces with a harmonious, balanced driving characteristics on dry and on wet roads. The tyre offers through its asymmetric tread a comparatively high contact area. He is safe on the road. The deep sipes can derive water from wet roads optimally. Thus a higher grip is maintained even during heavy downpours.

Sparkling Summer tyres for overweight vehicles

On wet roads, the Bridgestone Duravis R proven 410 as well as short braking distances and rapid response. On a dry track the seamless pattern of the profile is perfectly suited for a fast pace. Approved summer tyre from Bridgestone is for the speed category T; that means it must be to run at a speed of 190 km/h. The Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone proves the Bridgestone Duravis R 410 that he understood not only in the manufacture of car tyres, but can also equip overweight vehicles.

Vans are safe in any weather with the Bridgestone Duravis R 410 road. Whether blazing sun or heavy downpour that tread pattern of the tyre for summer cope with any weather.

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