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The Avon ZV3 - Comfort is everything

A summer tyre also contributes much to the ride comfort of a vehicle. The fact depends not least on choosing the right tyre from. The Avon ZV3 is a tyre which beonsers increases driving comfort while.

High driving comfort promotes fatigue-free, comfortable driving

Especially when driving on long journeys often make tyres that offer a poor ride comfort, very unpleasantly. And vice versa, with a driving comfort-enhancing tyres you experience driving usually much more pleasant. The specialist when it comes to comfort, is quite clearly the Avon ZV3. He is definitely not a race tyre, but one of the most comfortable car tyres on the market. This is confirmed by many customers judgments. His performances are also in terms of security, in any case sufficient for all situations, if you put any particularly sporty driving style with high cornering inclinations and very high speeds of the day. Gliding instead of rushing is the motto - for the Avon ZV3.

Avon - proven for over a hundred years

The tyre manufacturer Avon , which is at home in England, is already a long-established traditional company - already since 1904 vehicle tyre but also produces motorcycle tyres and racing tyres. The brand has here quite a reputation, especially because many of the tyres offer a very high level of comfort, at least in the car sector. In motorcycle and racing area it looks consistently different, because there is mainly to other values. Again, Avon has however long been a good name.

The Avon ZV3 is an absolute comfort tyres - especially for leisurely driving and during frequent journeys over long distances. Here the Avon ZV3 makes a significant difference to many other tyre noticeably - both when it comes to the noise, and the ride comfort. The security services range from even when not driven too sporty.


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