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The Apollo Alnac Winter - solid winter tyre with good wet properties for off-roaders

The vast majority of SUVs are now driven exclusively by road - the Apollo Alnac Winter is a reasonable and balanced SUV winter tyres for this vehicle category.

Good performance in all conditions

Excellent handling, good braking under all road conditions and good ride comfort - the Apollo Alnac Winter is an SUV tyre with very balanced properties. Neither suited for off-road or for border areas it is still a very solid and sensible everyday companion that provides adequate safety margins and a reasonable level of comfort for all possible situations. The silica compound on the tread ensures even at dry roads and low temperatures for good adhesion, the wet performance of the Apollo Alnac winter is extremely well - both during handling, and braking. In the fuel efficiency of Apollo Alnac Winter is in midfield, so thus gives an economical driving in winter. The city streets are clearly his profession, in real snow deserts he fights still bravely forward, his favorite discipline is not. For Central European winter but its performance far from sufficient.

Apollo - question but the Indians

The company has existed since 1976 and has since worked his number 15 of the world's largest tyre manufacturer. The manufacture of tyres is carried out with the latest technology, the latest work only dates back to 2008 with the acquisition of the entyre African Business of Dunlop and the purchase of Vredestein Banden BV was also much European and international advanced technology into the house. By 2016, will Apollo be the tenth largest tyre manufacturer in the world, given the high percentage rate on tyres that already the company exports to Europe and the United States, which might well be realistic.

The Apollo Alnac Winter is a reasonable winter tyres for Allrader that run exclusively on the road - balanced properties and high cost make it quite a good choice for the unspectacular everyday.

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