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safe with Amtel go

In the choice of tyres not only the price should be decisive, but especially the security. but both factors are not mutually exclusive, as the low-cost and yet highly secure tyre Amtel seen.

tyres for Safety

tyres are tested in Germany TUV. -Only After successful test are found to the tyres for sure get the Sigel of the TÜV and are approved for sale. But not only the transport experts in the inspection attention to safety. The manufacturers, as well as Amtel, directed great attention to the safety of their products. Amtel tyres meet all the stringent requirements and provide a high level of safety for all customers. But not only that, the tyres are also particularly easy to grip, so that they offer the best ride comfort on all roads and in all weather conditions. With the special summer, winter or all-season tyres customers are always well adapted to all occurrences and guarantees always on the road.

Huge range to choose from

Amtel offers a wide range of products, so that everyone is guaranteed to find the right tyre. Whether. For a small car or a wide tyre, the manufacturer offers a wide range of tyre sizes Who sets gro0en emphasis on safety, should it always remember to choose the appropriate for weather tyres. Especially for seasonal changes should be remembered early the tyres to change. Winter tyres should be driven by the 7 degrees Celsius already from temperatures. is should be observed during Räserwechsel that also regularly the spare wheel is controlled. Damaged tyres should be ausgestautscht which also applies to the spare wheel and other special tyres .

Amtel provides good, safe tyres for small money. For customers who still want to price-conscious shopping but do not want to compromise on quality and especially security, the cheapest Amtel tyres are a very good choice.

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