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With Altenzo tyres right track

Altenzo provides summer, winter and all-season tyres for a great price-performance ratio. The product selection at Altenzo is large, for almost all vehicles and commercial vehicles customers find the right tyre.

Australia as it's best

Altenzo tyres coming from Australia. The tyres from Down Under are TÜV-tested and designed according to the highest quality standards. In close cooperation of engineers and designers created quality tyre at a high level, which combine technical Kno how, the latest scientific findings and everyday practicality. The best thing about these tyres is however their price, because that is located in the lower price segment. The Australian Altenzo tyres agrees the price-performance ratio, clearly Ausralien as it's best. Many German motorists are already excited, especially the grip of Australian Altenzo tyre is commendable and comparable to Continental .

PDW manufactures tyres Altenzo

Altenzo the tyre quality company PDW, which is previously known for rim. Since 2010, the company also offers tyres under the name Altenzo, that immediately became synonymous with affordable quality. In addition to the range of summer, winter and all-season tyres, there is also a special offer that is aimed at SUV owners. Owner eiens 4 x 4 car enjoying now to the vast range of special tyres for off-road, SUV or 4 x 4 vehicles . The specific requirements for the Altenzo tyres can be passed with flying colors with flying colors and provides customers with a generous selection.

Who hitherto knew Altenzo that will delight as first the super cheap price, because the tyres are to be found in the lower price segment. That quality does not have to be expensive, the company PWD proves with his tyres, which are sold under the name Altenzo necessarily. Particularly handy and suitable for long term use, the tyres from Australia. If it still is as low as in these models, the customer would.

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