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Extremely low rolling resistance and best grip in winter: the Aeolus HN 359

When it comes to the profitability, plays in truck tyres , the fuel efficiency of an important role. The Aeolus HN 359 is a tyre which provides as winter tyres not only solid grip, but also a very high fuel efficiency. That makes it doubly economical.

High mileage, sustainability concepts and nieriger fuel consumption

The optimum efficiency: the Aeolus HN 359. In addition to the typical of the brand high mileage that can be extended significantly through various concepts, the Aeolus HN 359 as truck winter tyres additionally one of the lowest rolling resistance in all winter tyres. This cuts fuel consumption and thus leads to a high efficiency of tyres. The Aeolus HN 359 is a tyre for the drive axle, and can also be used in an international operation. For even greater efficiency provide diverse concepts of the manufacturer, on the one hand aimed at sustainability and ecological compatibility, but then also mean massive cost reductions in operation. One of these concepts is the Driveability Concept of the manufacturer, which makes it possible not only to retreaded tyres to work together with the new, but most models also provides a carcass makes a retread on hot or cold way particularly easy.

The Chinese world leaders

Hardly any company in the industry can boast such growth as the resident of the Chinese Juazuo manufacturer Aeolus . The European office he has in this country has a solid presence, the customer within Europe - as well as the pan-European breakdown service - really excellent. The high quality, longevity and the solid performance of the tyre makes the brand while more than a recommendation.

The Aeolus HN 359 is a winter tyre for the drive axle of trucks, which are used in the short- or medium-haul traffic. Beyond the strong traction in all road conditions, it also offers an extremely low rolling resistance and hence a very high fuel efficiency for a winter tyre.

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