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7 inch tyres: Standard size for small quads

With tyres of 7 inches quad riders for each receive site , every street and every weather the right tyres.

Mixing and terrain tyres

The 7 inch tyres are mainly for tyres of small quad vehicles used. Also for 7 inch tyre there is a wide range of manufacturers. You have a choice between mixed tyres, all terrain tyres, snow tyres and sand tyres. The specific characteristics of mixed tyres can be used in the field and on the road, such as the Maxxis Razar 2. This tyre is a good all-rounder, especially for off-road use. It is flat racing, very smoothly and e-marked. A road tyres should be driven only possible in the terrain. He has by its nature a lot of grip, but it will very quickly on the road from.

Snow and sand tyres

Do you want a quad in winter driving, for example on snowed slopes or terrain, a snow tyre is recommended. These special tyres have a softer compound and other properties to get safely through the snow. Some manufacturers offer snow tyres with studs. It should be noted that studded tyres on German roads must not be driven. If you want to use in the winter on icy and snowy roads a quad, winter tyres must be mounted with the sign M + S. Only this winter tyres are tested in a standardized test on the behavior on snow and ice and approved accordingly. The only exceptions are for quads that are approved as commercial vehicles of agriculture and forestry, or those for which no M + S tyres are available through their structural characteristics. For quads there are also sand tyres, which are suitable for very sandy terrain, for example for use in the desert. Would you like to go there, for example, on a holiday with a Ouad, Sand tyres are absolute cockpit. They bring all of the properties in order to cope with such conditions. An example of 7-inch tyres that work well in rough terrain, the tyres of the series Dunlop KT 586 .

No matter what terrain or roads you drive a little quad and want to have your fun: Even in the failing size of 7 inch tyres are available, which can be purchased both safe and inexpensive.

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