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285/35 R22

The summer tyres that are made for first class SUVs, sized 285/35/22, are just about perfect for an absolute driving experience. Security is a number one concern to users which comes packaged in the components of these great tyres. They have an immense control in terms of high speed, and display quite a substantial amount of firmness on the roads. Enjoy the road going ability with these well-designed tyres meant for excellent road grip. Equipped with double groove, users can enjoy the liberty to rotate the tyre side to side and front to back.

These tyres are meant for demanding luxury SUV application and so performs well in all weather conditions, but their best play is in dry conditions. Other features pointing towards their stability on the road includes wet traction and lesser vibration which accounts for a smoother ride and a great deal of noise is reduced. Although these tyres boast a lot of features with a fair value of money, the wear may turn out to be not quite promising but the dry grip is extra-ordinary.

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