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255 40 R18 tyres - powerful and safe to run

tyres in the size 255 40 R18 are already offered by all major manufacturers. Thus, customers can look forward to a comprehensive and wide selection of different models, the next summer tyres also includes tyres for winter.

High grip and comprehensive stability

Summer tyres in size 255 40 R18 can be found in all major manufacturers such as Michelin or Bridgestone in the program. A particularly well-known example is the ContiSportContact of Continental , who was able to convince again and again in tests. So stands this 255 40 R18 tyres with its high mileage and the optimum grip, features that does not subside even in adverse weather and road conditions. Moreover, one can appreciate the comprehensive stability and robustness, through which the 255 40 R18 tyres distinguished.

Reliable and safe through the winter

Even in winter you have to dispense with a tyre size 255 40 R18 in terms of comfort and stability on nothing. Well-known examples are in addition to the Continental ContiWinterContact also the Vredestein Winter Sport 3D or the Dunlop SP Winter Sport. No less compelling is the Blizzak LM25, which by the renowned Japanese manufacturer Bridgestone is offered. All of these models are characterized by high-quality, quality materials and feature a high grip and a very good traction properties that does not subside even at freezing temperatures or on very smooth roads. For maximum driving pleasure in winter thus ensured in every respect.

Thanks to the wide range of 255 40 R18 tyres, it is not difficult to find a suitable model for the summer or for the winter. For example, the tyres of this size found in all the major manufacturers in the range, and they can all convince with a good performance.

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