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245 40 R17 Tyres

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245/40 R17 Tyres

Tyre with a width of 245mm sidewalls, percentage width 40% and diameter 17 working excellent in both wet and dry conditions. These tyres are more comfortable as compared to other tyres having deep grove curves that evacuate waters. These tyres so far have variety of noise levels, from noiseless to loud. Tread pattern on tyres looks fabulous. Wet grip of these tyres is good, but when we talk about the most fascinating things about 245/40/17, it’s their dry grip, though they don’t have much grip over snow but these tyres are the best among its various classes of tyres. On heavy braking, ABS is activated. These tyres drive at a good rate with no shocks.  These tyres have greater power consumption due to high rolling resistance. These tyres are a good option for driving at higher speed. Handling and braking of these wider tyres of 245mm and very good tyres for mountainous, grassy and muddy areas, winter weather.

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