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235 70 R16 Tyres

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235/70 R16

These are the tyres with a width of 235mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 70, and a diameter of 16.  These tyres do not wear quickly and are durable. They work best in all conditions whether dry or wet, but perform extraordinary in dry condition. These tyres are very quiet with their noise range between 72-73dB. These have shorter stopping distance. The fuel efficacy of these tyres is good and they have less rolling friction. These tyres have good handling on long curves at high speed. These tyres hold well on paved roads even in rainy condition. These tyres have a low self-class SUV, which has improved the appearance of the tyre. A good grip during cornering and acceleration is observed regardless of the surface of the road. These tyres give a sense of security they brake the cars quickly without losing traction. These tyres give a better mileage on dry and wet roads. They do not loss adhesion and grip in either wet or dry conditions

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