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225/35 R18

The tyres sized 225/35 R18 are made for redefining the control on the roads. These allow for superior traction in the form of ultra-high performance to ensure smooth maneuverability at all times. Comfort and safety goes hand in hand, alongside the high performance that comes guaranteed with these tyres. As compared to older variations in the same, these tyres come equipped with advanced asymmetric pattern which results in outstanding performance especially when used in sports vehicles.

These summer tyres boast excellent road grip in adverse weathers, be it dry on a sunny day or wet on a rainy day, their stability stands unshaken. Thanks to the slant grooves as they allow for rapid water evacuation to maximize the outcome even when driving on wet surfaces. With ultimate cornering speed, the rolling resistance never failing, and high grip shoulder blocks ensuring optimum braking force, their road grip is remarkable. On the basis of average reviewing of 257,000 miles driven, these tyres have not given up on their dry grip (95%), wet grip (90%) and progressiveness (88%), and hence prove to be great summer tyres.

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