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With "high life" on 19-inch tyres

Move the high life - these are now many car. In High Performance and Ultra High Performance range, the vehicles with large, high-powered cars, large tyres are very popular. 19 inch car tyres are therefore offered by many tyre manufacturers. SUVs, vans and trucks are also equipped with tyres in these dimensions.

The tyres for sports cars

Modern 19-inch tyres for cars falling today in proportion of rather narrow. The advantage lies in a very sporty appearance, which do not only appreciate tuner. Combined with matching alloy wheels in various designs of high-powered cars will be converted to an outwardly dynamic runabout. Also on the road to score the big tyres with advantages: Even at high speeds the vehicles retain an excellent driving stability and will definitely go to the curves. Smaller dimensions often provide for a slightly higher ride comfort. Who is like to go fast, the loss of comfort for the safe handling takes however gladly accept.

Large dimensions in Test

The tyres for high and ultra high performance range are repeatedly subjected to tests. Summer tyres in size 235 / 35-19, tested on a Ford Focus, prove themselves by their sporty handling. With the judgment have highly recommended among other Barum brands Pirelli, Bridgestone , Continental, Hankook and Michelin cut. 19-inch tyres for vehicles and trucks must score less with sporty characteristics. You should be able to carry especially heavy loads. Off-road tyres the corresponding dimension must prove themselves off the slopes as well as on the paved road. Robust treads and a deep profile structure distinguish this tyre therefore made mostly.

19-inch tyres are used in many ways. The selection is large, both brands as well as low-cost producers from China have large tyres in its range.

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